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The purpose of this is to find who exactly is the ultimate HBIC. We will go from round to round - the top 20, 10, 5, etc. All the way until we find our ultimate HBIC. First, we need nominations. Please post a comment saying, "Bow down bitches, because _______ is the ultimate HBIC". Then people will respond, "mte", "I agree x1000000", "A ", "fuck yes", etc. Please do not nominate someone who has already been nominated. I know it's a pain, but check the comments first. The deadline for nominations is June 20th. Then, the top 20 HBIC's will go on to the poll round.
Please promote this in your journals! If you want your HBIC to win, I recommend posting a link to your comment in your journal. Remember: you can vote AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE.  So no, you are not cheating when you click F5 until your hand falls off.     SLIGHT RULE CHANGE: As tested by myself, and other members of the voting pool, refreshing the page to try to vote again DOES NOT work.  I'm sorry, but from here on out - VOTING MULTIPLE TIMES IS BANNED.
As far as the suspicion that people have been voting multiple times, to that I say - ontd_ai has like, 2,000 members.

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